Hard Drive Magnets – Fun and Powerful

This is an instructional exercise on hard drive magnets and how you can eliminate them and how you can manage them whenever they have been taken out.

These hdd magnets are very fun. You can do as such numerous things with them and they are a significant cool toy. I remove every one of the magnets from my old hard drives and in addition to the fact that they are valuable for fixing the limiting of a book, however they are a great toy and there are so many various games you can do with them.


Before you choose to eliminate the magnets out a hard drive, ensure that you don’t need the hard drive any longer. When you begin tinkering with the internal parts of the hard drive then the hard drive will stop to work and any data on that hard drive will be lost. So assuming you need to save the data in advance I propose you do as such.

Eliminating the Hard Drive Magnets

So you prepared to eliminate the magnets from your hard drive? Amazing! How about we get to function. First remove the hard drive from your PC (assuming it is still there) and eliminate any links that may in any case be associated with it. The subsequent stage is eliminating the screws that attach into the hard drive. Diverse hard drives have various screws, yet ideally you will approve of that.

Whenever you have opened your hard drive you should see a round plate (called a platter). There ought to likewise a be a thing called an actuator and actuator head. You can see this all in a picture (simply follow the asset connect at the lower part of this article).

The magnets are tracked down near the actuator in the hard drive. Contingent upon the hard drive you may simply have to switch the magnets out with a level head screw driver. In different cases you might have to take out the screws.

Things you can do with Hard Drive Magnets – Games and Challenges บาคาร่า สายยาว

There are a wide range of things that you can do with these magnets. You can stick two magnets together and have a test to see who can pull them separated. This is incredibly troublesome, in light of the fact that the magnets are extremely impressive. On the off chance that the two magnets get remained together and you can’t pull them separated then you simply wind the magnets till they resemble a little cross and afterward pull them up.

You can fix book ties and bowed pages by leaving the magnets on one or the other side of the book perfectly located. We have additionally utilized magnets for a smaller than usual soccer match. We get a piece of wood have one magnet on one or the other side and afterward utilize a marble as a soccer ball. By moving the magnets under the magnet above will move and you can attempt to score objectives. It is very fun.

A portion of the hard drive magnets are sufficiently able to have them on one or the other side of your hand and the magnet will hold together. There is no limit to the things that you can do with them. Hdd Magnets are truly astounding and a lot of fun. I trust this instructional exercise has been useful to you and will permit you to take those hard drive magnets out and have a little play with them.

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