On Positive Thinking and Success: A Letter to My Son

Muhammad, my dearest child,

I was really enchanted indeed when I called you this
evening. It has been 10 full moons since I left you and your
sibling Omar in The Gambia (West Africa) to head out for the USA
looking for information. Many are the evenings and days when I
ponder you and miss you so seriously. Yet, today it resembled you
are here before me. I could see the delight set apart on
your honest face as you sang me the accompanying lines:

Sparkle little star
How I can’t help thinking about what you are
Up over the world so high
Like a jewel in the sky

My child, words could never be adequate in depicting the delight I
got from hearing your resonant voice serenade out the very rhyme I
sang nearly two score and 5 years prior. To be sure you are in grade one
at an age a lot more youthful than I began grade school however I am very
pleased at your advancement.

Child I need to impart to you, nay with all youngsters, dark white
or then again brown, the guarantee that is so warily held in the rhyme you
sang for me. Presently tune in for I will let you know something that if
you will clutch industriously, achievement will be yours now and
until the end of time. Both in this world and in the great beyond by the finesse of
the Almighty God who has made you and me and the whole

Muhammad, that star that you wonder about in that rhyme is
none however YOU. YOU are that star that is up over the world so
high. You are conceived a star, and you will keep on ascending as a
star. Each youngster is conceived a star. It is us the old
age, who in our insightful obliviousness flood your psyches
with a wide range of negative reasoning and pointless propensities.
We are the ones who tell you all that you can’t do. We
are the ones who annihilate your confidence and fearlessness บาคาร่าหาเงิน
before you venture out into the world.

However accept me whatever I or any other individual instructs you that is
in opposition to being that star can to be sure be unlearnt. Yet, presently
that you are as yet a youngster blameless and ready for anything, you should
grow up continually recalling that you are (to placed it in your mum’s
beautiful sections)
brimming with fair means,
not without dreams

You are that monster star hanging out there in the sky holding up to
be out and out when you grow up. In the Desiderata you are
told this extraordinary reality. Believe the creator to be talking
straightforwardly to YOU; yes nobody yet YOU my child. Says the incredible psyche

you are an offspring of the universe, no not exactly the trees and the
stars. You reserve an option to be here.

Indeed, you heard it right child, what the creator says is for sure evident
for you are no not exactly the trees and the stars. So in
case you think I am tossing great words to you since you are
my child. Presently you’ve heard it from somebody who knows you not. You
are genuinely that star gleaming up over the world so high, as
a precious stone in the sky.

You told me during the present discussion that French soccer
legend Zinedine Zidane is your star as you watch the current year’s reality

Presently let me let you know how zidane came to be the world star that he
is. He originally searched for what makes him cheerful and saw as the
reply in soccer. The multi-skilled star who, I comprehend is
likewise a karate star, zeroed in on soccer and the rest, as is commonly said,
is history. A synopsis of Zidane’s way of thinking could be seen as in
his own words. On the event of his presentation match for Cannes
football club in 1989, zidane’s said this:

I found that the energy of my life was football and, I
figured I could go far through work, obligation and

Also now my dear child, I will provide you with the expressions of our public kora
melodic star Jaliba Kuyateh who sang an extraordinary tune for kids.
Clutch these words and continue on in your excursion to fame!

An excursion of 1,000 kilometers begins with a stage, so take
your progression youngsters
Prompting your heaven
Prompting your heaven…

God favor you my cherished child, you and every one of the offspring of this
world, white dark or brown, you are for the most part stars. So be the star
that you are destined to be.”

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