College Football 2007 – Week 9 – Two Game Scores With Some Hidden Meanings Are 57-43 & 6-0

As though the 2007 school football season has not been befuddling enough, along comes week 9 for certain secret game scores that uncover a lot: 57-43 and 6-0. Both of the scores include the AP Top 25 Poll groups.

First the 57-43. The main 5 groups still unbeaten stayed great, 7 others won while 4 more were furious about unranked groups and 3 didn’t play. Indeed:

No. 1 Ohio State (9-0) ruled No. 22 Penn State 37-17, No. 2 Boston College (8-0) fought against eminent loss to overturn No. 8 Virginia Tech 14-10, No. 7 Arizona State (8-0) beat No. 18 California 31-20, No. 12 Kansas (8-0) moved by Texas A&M 19-11, and negative. 16 Hawaii (7-0) tore New Mexico State 50-13.

Seven different pioneers recorded triumphs, including No. 5 Oregon over No. 9 USC 24-17, No. 6 West Virginia over No. 25 Rutgers 31-3, No.13 Missouri over Iowa State 42-28, No. 17 Texas over Nebraska 28-25, No. 19 Michigan over Minnesota 34-10, No. 20 Georgia over No. 9 Florida 42-30, and negative. 23 Auburn over Mississippi 17-3.

Four groups were irritated with unranked groups, including No. 11 South Florida tumbling to Connecticut 22-15, No. 14 Kentucky tumbling to Mississippi State 31-14, No. 15 South Carolina tumbling to Tennessee 27-24 in extra time, and negative. 21 Virginia tumbling to North Carolina State 29-24.

The 3 groups that didn’t play were No. 3 LSU, No. 4 Oklahoma and negative. 22 Alabama.

Then, at that point, the 6-0. The 6 positioned washouts which were beaten by other positioned groups Virginia Tech, Florida, USC, California, Penn State and Rutgers-now have zero way to play in the BCS public title game.

Some significant notes from the sidelines:

1) Points, and bunches of them, appear to be a typical subject this season. Scores have become ludicrous, as seen over the course of the end of the week when Weber State beat Portland State 73-68 in the most noteworthy scoring game in NCAA history. The score might have been a b-ball game. ข่าวฟุตบอลต่างประเทศ

2) Three unbeaten groups are not kidding about scoring and protecting. Ohio State midpoints 34 focuses scoring and surrenders just 9 focuses per game. Kansas scores 42 and surrenders 10. Arizona State scores 36 and surrenders 15.

3) Ohio State is No. 1 in complete protection (yards permitted), Kansas is No. 5 and Arizona State is No. 19.

4) The once brilliant eventual fate of the California Bears and Coach Jeff Tedford just endured their third consecutive misfortune.

5) The Florida Gators and 43-year-old Coach Urban Meyer just dropped their third misfortune in 4 games to Georgia 42-30. You recall Urban. Before this season his profession record was 61-12 (83%).

He drove Bowling Green to 8-3 and 9-3 seasons, driven Utah to 10-2 and 12-0 records and two Mountain West Conference titles, and drove Florida to 9-3 and 13-1 seasons during his initial two years, winning the BCS public title a year ago.

This year he is currently 5-3. Southeast Conference adversaries have seen Florida for quite some time under Meyer and have started to sort out some way to stop his Gators. Welcome to the consistently dreadful SEC Urban and break a leg en route to rehearse.

6) You can basically fail to remember the USC matchless quality excursion. Pete Carroll’s rule as the toast of the country and Hollywood is everything except over. USC is going to join the incredible unwashed at 6-2.

There are currently somewhere around 25 Division I schools with preferred records over 6-2. The street ahead for USC incorporates Oregon State (The Civil War), California, still unbeaten Arizona State and UCLA, all salivating at an opportunity to humble the Trojans.

7) Coach Steve Spurrier’s incredible rebound at South Carolina has run into a stopping point with its extra time misfortune to Tennessee, giving the Gamecocks their third misfortune.

8) Expect a Northwest quake Saturday when No. 7 Arizona State attacks No. 5 Oregon. Expect street kill in the South as No. 3 LSU attacks No. 22 Alabama. First year Coaches Dennis Erickson at Arizona State and Nick Saban at Alabama will have their hands full.

9) My poor place of graduation Michigan State is presently formally sucking lake water and collapsing quicker than a K-Mart folding seat, losing 3 of its last 4 in the wake of beginning the season at 4-0. The Spartans have collapsed pretty much consistently for the last such a large number of years.

I accept Mark Dantonio will make something happen at MSU, simply not this year. The Spartans lost to Wisconsin by a field objective and afterward lost in additional time to Northwestern and Iowa.

Dantonio clearly acquired a bigger number of slugs than a Northwest nursery. For the unenlightened, a local Northwest slug is a hard cleaned, slow-witted earthly (as in ground creeping) mollusk that comes up short on a shell and secretes a film of bodily fluid.

In football, speed kills. Dantonio needs more speed all over the place, and he really wants a few players who, if they would rather not win severely enough, decline to lose until they figure out how to win. Culture may be a scholastic subject, however on the football field it is about climate, a triumphant climate.

10) The Washington Huskies did the incomprehensible Saturday, they lost at home to Arizona, 48-41, and are presently 2-6. Ty Willingham’s charges should now win their last 5 games to complete 7-6 and procure a bowl bid.

Is it conceivable? The sky is the limit with equality, however don’t ask the Huskies, ask their next 5 adversaries: Stanford, Oregon State, California, Washington State and Hawaii.

The Huskies are lacking in successes, brimming with missteps and level out of reasons. They are invigorating to watch, brimming with touchy offense, an awful protection and have begun to foster an odor from losing.

A useful piece of advise: If the Huskies can’t get a triumph, they need to blow up, exceptionally furious, lawfully vicious and begin hitting players and harming players. Hurt your adversary enough and they can not run over you, around you and by you.

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