The CFL Needs to Change Some Rules

The Canadian Football League (CFL) is at risk for losing a large number of their supporters in Canada for the National Football League (NFL) in the United States. A large number of the standards that the CFL plays under have no premise in rationale or reasonableness to the two groups. This, obviously, is my viewpoint dependent on watching the NFL games.

Perhaps the most ridiculously glaring item not founded on rationale, is granting one point for a missed field objective. Since when should a group be remunerated for a missed play? A missed play implies the group acquires no focuses. The other related thing is the granting of one point for a dropkick in or over the end zone. This region is outside the alloted boundaries. A ball is at this point not in play after it crosses the objective line. The principle justification for having an end zone region is to have the goal lines there to kick a field objective. Three focuses are granted for a ball kicked between the uprights from a field objective arrangement. Each and every other ball is outside the field of play without any focuses granted. These days, punters can boot the ball 60 to 70 yards. So the group that kicks the ball from 70 yards out on the last play of the match can dominate by drop-kicking the ball in the end zone? I don’t think so!

In this round of football, focuses ought to be granted for a fruitful score, an effective field objective and an intermittent wellbeing contact. เว็บคาสิโนออนไลน์

The most stupid standard the CFL presented inside the most recent couple of years is changing the most recent three minutes over to stop time. This implies that the most recent three minutes, from 57 minutes to an hour can take as much as ten minutes to play. Also, why, implore tell, should the most recent three minutes be more significant than the initial 57 minutes, other than the association having the option to bring in more cash selling business time? In addition, it is horribly uncalled for to the group that was driving at the brief imprint. I have seen many games where the losing group pulled out a success during the most recent brief time frame in light of the additional plays permitted.

We could examine the one-yard limiting standard at the line of scrimmage, however this will open an entire scope of required changes so we will not go there. We as a whole realize that in the CFL, a third and one yard circumstance implies that the quarterback can without much of a stretch make that one yard for a first down. In the NFL, this play doesn’t yield a remarkable achievement that the CFL does.

All things being equal, I will surrender that I like the Canadian five-yard limiting guideline on dropkick returns. I see no legitimacy in the NFL free catch rule, other than maybe it could forestall some genuine wounds.

A last idea is that if the two associations utilized similar guidelines, there could be some pre-season or other display games betweens the two associations. Presently, wouldn’t that carry some additional dollars into the host groups coffers?!

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