Weekly Fantasy Football – Week 1 Defense Picks

The way to picking a week by week dream guard boils down to the two groups offense. You need a decent offense playing against a feeble group, ideally with a youthful QB. The Browns, Bengals, and Panthers are incredible matchups every week.

Scoring guarded dream focuses is semi arbitrary, however you can expand your opportunity of a protective TD if your group gets the lead, and powers the adversary to play from behind. Your chances settle the score better in case you are coordinating toward an error inclined quarterback. In the event that David Carr is at any point planned to play, snatch that guarded matchup in the first round.

For Week 1:

  1. NY Giants

The goliaths have a strong guard with a world class cautious line, conflicting with Rex Grossman and a few position players more regrettable than he is. I don’t know anybody anticipated Grossman and Tim Hightower would be a beginning backfield for the main seven day stretch of 2011. However long the G Men keep Santana Moss before them, this could be an eight sack shutout. Grossman is additionally useful for no less a few captures.

  1. Texans

Discard this pick if Peyton Manning appears, yet as of Tuesday, he isn’t required to play. ยูฟ่าเบทวิธีเล่น The Texans are ceaselessly misrepresented and have a really downright awful, yet I will take them against an offense of Kerry Collins and Pierre Garcon. On the off chance that Matt Schaub and Arian Foster can get an early lead, Kerry Collins might be compelled to air it out, which is incredible for the Texans Defense.

  1. Cardinals

Not an incredible week to week pick. Be that as it may, you just will play against a newbie quarterback making his first since forever start once. The Cardinals ought to have the option to do what’s necessary to befuddle a youthful yet encouraging Cam Newton. Additionally, if Kevin Kolb and Larry Fitzgerald set up a couple of TD’s against a terrible Carolina safeguard, the newbie QB could be constrained into rebound mode.

  1. Loyalists

Bizarre things will in general occur on Monday Night Football, however I like my odds with a strong Patriots safeguard against Chad Henne and the Dolphins. The Dolphins are imaginative with their wildcat and different bundles, however they should take a ton of risks to have an expectation of staying aware of Tom Brady. That frequently prompts turnovers.

  1. Steelers

I don’t cherish the matchup with the Ravens, however they are an incredible D, and Polamalu is worth around five dream focuses without help from anyone else.

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