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There is some uplifting news for the 10 most exceedingly awful Sagarin-positioned Division 1-A groups in the country they are not the most exceedingly terrible group in the country.

At the point when we offer the conversation starter, “So who are the current most exceedingly terrible parts in Division I-A football in the country?”, Army (positioned 190th among 119 Division 1-A groups), Idaho (180th), Eastern Michigan (171st), North Texas (152nd), Southern Methodist (148th), Kent State (145th), Alabama-Birmingham (140th), Louisiana-Monroe (138th) and Washington State (136th) would all be able to inhale a moan of alleviation. The spotlight won’t be on them.

There are really 31 different groups (excessively various and superfluous to specify here) positioned lower than the current most exceedingly awful group in 1-A football.

The most noticeably terrible group after school football’s fifth week is positioned 90th by Sagarin, and is as a matter of fact the University of Washington Huskies.

This is certainly not an inactive assignment or nervy remark, the Washington Huskies have acquired this questionable qualification dependent on their non-execution on the field of fight.

Among different contemplations that qualify Washington as at present the most noticeably awful 1-A group in the country are these obvious realities:

1) Washington is the lone winless Bowl Championship Series group in the country.

2) Washington is the solitary winless group from a significant meeting, and is just 1 of 3 winless groups among the 119 schools in the NCAA’s Bowl Subdivision (called Division 1-A by ordinary individuals left over from before ages). North Texas (0-4) and Army (0-4), both referenced prior, are the other winless groups.

3) Washington has zero (zip, nothing) quarterback sacks this season, and positions last among 119 groups in quarterback sacks broadly. คาสิโน กัมพูชา Clearly the Husky protectors don’t have the foggiest idea who to handle when, or can’t progress far enough on safeguard to take care of business.

4) Washington’s guard positions dead rearward in handles for misfortune. They have 13 out of 5 games and each and every other group has more.

5) Washington positions 118th among 119 groups in complete safeguard (yards surrendered).

6) Washington positions 114th among 119 groups in scoring guard.

7) Washington positions 116th among 119 groups in hurrying protection.

8) Washington positions 119th among 119 groups in pass proficiency protection.

9) Stanford, the Huskies last rival and last home game adversary, came in averaging 272 yards of offense and left Husky Stadium with a 35-28 success and 466 yards of offense.

The new Husky cautious organizer this year is Ed Donatell, a previous fruitful guarded facilitator for the Green Bay Packers and Atlanta Falcons in the NFL. This should give you some thought of the current absence of cautious ability at the University of Washington. Last year Washington’s guarded auxiliary couldn’t cover my grandma. Obviously the current year’s adaptation of an optional is even less fit.

Jake Locker, Washington’ top hostile danger, broke the principal metacarpal of the right thumb on his tossing hand, so hold redshirt rookie quarterback Ronnie Fouch will dominate. Fouch’s reinforcements will be stroll on redshirt first year recruit Taylor Bean and genuine rookie Luther Leonard. In the event that Washington had no terrible news, they would have no news by any means.

On the splendid side, the Washington Huskies have played the hardest timetable among each of the 245 Division 1-An and 1-AA schools, as per the Sagarin’s appraisals. A few savants felt that if Huskies didn’t beat Stanford whenever they got the opportunity, they probably won’t get a success the entire year. They could very well be correct.

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