College Football 2007 – Top 2 Ranked Teams Get Burned, Now Only 6 Undefeated Teams Are Left

Big cheeses LSU and California were furious about the end of the week so presently there are just 6 undefeated groups left: Ohio State, South Florida, Boston College, Arizona State, Kansas and Hawaii.

Three weeks prior there were 23 undefeated groups, presently 17 of them have come up sucking lake water while heading to a public title. It is conceivable that few of those groups with just a single misfortune could win the public title no matter what.

Trust me when I say that 5 of the 6 groups left undefeated are in tenuous air, just Ohio State is accustomed to being in the chase for the public title. The Buckeyes facilitated and dispatched a powerless Kent State group 48-3 on Saturday. Remember that Ohio State’s 7-0 imprint comes playing the 72nd most vulnerable timetable among Division I groups. They do have a guard, yet they have not played the best contest.

South Florida stretched out its record to 6-0 by effectively beating Central Florida 64-12. Essentially the Bulls have played the 31st most troublesome timetable among each of the 242 Division 1-An and 1-AA groups.

Boston College went 7-0 by bringing down a regrettable 1-6 Notre Dame Fighting Irish crew 27-14. The Eagles might look and seem like nothing to joke about, however given the way that they have the 79th hardest timetable they presumably are not. Essentially Notre Dame has played some rivalry; its solidarity of timetable is at present No. 2 broadly. Arizona State was following Washington 17-13 at the half, however the Huskies imploded again in the third quarter giving the Sun Devils 21 focuses as Arizona State proceeded to win 44-20.

Arizona State has played the 54th hardest timetable; the Huskies (presently 2-4) have played the hardest timetable in the country for as far back as about a month. Regardless, first year Coach Dennis Erickson extends his record to 7-0. Kansas dealt with the tragically feeble Baylor Bears 58-10, yet the Jayhawks 6-0 imprint has come from playing the 126th hardest timetable. Recall that there are just 119 Division 1-A groups.

That leaves Hawaii as the last undefeated group at 7-0. คาสิโน โบนัสเล่นฟรี The Warriors beat San Jose State 42-35 in additional time. Hawaii’s solidarity of timetable is 149th among 119 Division 1-A schools. San Jose State’s timetable strength is 52nd broadly which may clarify why the Warriors were presumably fortunate to win in OT.

I accept that South Florida (31st hardest timetable) and Arizona State (54th hardest) have the most obvious opportunity with regards to proceeding undefeated. At the point when Boston College, Kansas and Hawaii begin playing somebody worth discussing, they will have their hands full. Boston College plays just 1 of the current AP Top 25 groups in its last 5 games. Kansas plays just 1 (Missouri) and Hawaii plays none. Hawaii’s hardest rivalry seems, by all accounts, to be 5-1 Boise State.

The Cowboys nipped (and I do mean nipped) Nevada 69-67 Sunday night in what I would not consider a football match-up. Without a doubt, it was invigorating, yet quit fooling around, this is WAC (as in weird) football at its best, all offense and no protection. The two guards on the field were everything except unessential. The consolidated 136 focuses in this Western Athletic Conference game tied the unsurpassed NCAA record for the most focuses scored in a game. Call it WAC pride.

So who upset LSU? Kentucky won 43-37 in the third additional time playing at home. Up till now, LSU seemed to have probably the best safeguard in the country. The Cal Bears lost at home to Oregon State, 31-28.

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